Research: 74% of Ukrainian citizens believe that the law “On Arms” should regulate the right to self-defense weapons

24 February 2022

For the second time in Ukraine, a systematic study of the feeling of security and the demand of citizens for self-defense weapons was conducted.

The study found out how much Ukrainian citizens are concerned about the actions of the Russian Federation, the level of satisfaction with the counteractions of our authorities and the percentage of those willing to own civilian firearms.

On February 23, 2022, the results of the second study were presented at Ukraine Crisis Media Center. (Results of the first study conducted in 2021)


  • Ruslan Rokhov, managing partner of the consulting company “PGR Consulting Group” LLC;
  • Inna Volosevych, Deputy Director of the research company “Info Sapiens”;
  • Georgiy Uchaykin, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Ukrainian Gun Owners Association;
  • Gennadiy Druzenko, constitutionalist, Chairman of the Board of the Center for Constitutional Modeling;
  • Vitaliy Kolomiets, attorney at OK Legal.

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